Luck Is a Myth: ultimate inspirational story



Everyone in their lives will go through difficult situations. Sometimes we are really likely to think that the bad days are more and good ones are less. When we worked hard on something and not succeeded in it, we will think that we have no luck on it. If your friend is getting rich so fast you will say it’s his or her luck. But this thing that you believe can change your life is just a myth. You don’t understand it in the normal way. So, I will tell you a story.

There was a man called Shura. He lived during the reign of a King called Yashudra. He lived in a rather backward village. His house was a hut made by wood, and he often fall asleep hungry in his small hut. He was really good at pottery, but very rare people will approach him for making a pot. They used to call him the most unlucky man.

One day the King visited the village. His majesty was traveling in a chariot towed by four horses. There were two more guards with swords by his left and right standing in the chariot. He was also escorted by 50 knights. On his way King Yashudra saw Shura sleeping under a tree. He seems very hungry. King asked Shura, Why are you sleeping here, you don’t have a house? He told that he hasn’t eaten anything for the past few days. The king took Shura with him and gave him food. King went impressed by his astonishing pottery skills too. King gifted him a white horse and appointed him as the official potter of the kingdom. His life changed so fast then. He started to go to kingdom for the job. His wealth was quiet growing like in every week. Eventually he said goodbye to hunger too.

The villagers were watching all these things. They said that this horse is his luck. Everything good happened to him was with the horse. One day a battle broke out. All civilians with horses were ordered to report at the army camp. He was the only civilian with horse in that village. Those people said again that, the horse is his misfortune. A day before the battle day, his horse accidently smashed him and he got his arms broken. The commander said that he could not be taken to battle with broken arms. Superstitious villagers said again “Horse luck.” When the battle was over, King enjoyed victory and his majesty gifted a lot of gold to those who participated in the war. Well, guess what. The villagers resumed with their good old myth. They mocked at him that he got a horse which is his greatest misfortune.

What does this story means? There is no such thing as luck instead, there are only probabilities. In this story, Shura got a job and a horse from the King. That was a probability. The battle started and that was also a probability. This world is full of probabilities. Can you believe that the human race started its great development from the thought of a probability? Whoever among the primates invented the fire; he or she thought that colliding two rocks can probably start a fire. They tried out and tested that probability, and today you are able to read and I am able to write. If they believed in luck before thinking of fire, the world would be something else now.

 So what do we have to realize from this? If you tried hard and failed to achieve it, don’t just stay and keep saying that you have no luck on it. Try again, until it is achieved. Thomas Alva Edison invented bulb in his 100th try. The bulb spoiled all the 99 times. What if he sat on and blamed his luck. We won’t be able to see in this light. The modern lighting systems are just the modifications of Edison’s Incandescent lamp. By trust and try, he gave the basic idea of making an electrical lighting system. He believed in probability and not in luck.

Stop believing in luck and start chasing your probability. Fight it until you conquer it. If you have an urge to take it, the urge will be the power. Confidence and hard work will be your weapons.



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