Lilly: A complete motivational story of a lost girl


What was your dream? Are you doing what you dreamt right now? If yes, you are lucky. Let’s take my case; I love to be a youtuber and a pop singer. But my parents are currently sending me to PSC classes for getting a government job. Government jobs are attractive for sure, but I swear I won’t be satisfied in my whole life with the money that earned by something I don’t really wanted to do.

There was a girl called Lilly who lived in Thrissur district of the Kerala state. Her parents both were government servants. Her father was a teacher and mother was a clerk. When Lilly was born to Edwin and Sarah they dreamt of another government employ in their family. They sent her in a central school and started her education. She was pretty, good at her studies and social. Her parents literally had objections with her social nature because she was a girl. She convinced them that being social is not danger but it makes her secure.

In SSLC She got 8 A+ and 2 A grades. But her parents were quite not convinced by her marks, what they expected was full A+. She got the answer “not bad”. She got seat in the first allotment in a government secondary school at her own district. As usual she showed off her talents in studies. She had to walk a little after taking a private bus to reach the school. When she reaches the bus stop near the school her Arya will always wait for her and they used to walk school together. One day Arya could not come. And Lilly decided to walk alone. It was times when Justin Bieber’s “Baby” song was released. She heard this song playing in a stationary. She fell in love with that song and used to sing it. One day one of her teacher asked the children to sing a song. Friend suggested Lilly to sing. Lilly was surprised; she was like “Me?”

As she loved the “Baby” song so much she sang the song. When she finished singing the entire class was filled with powerful claps that can even break the windows. Her teacher and friends appreciated her let her know about her talent. After that she made a close friend called Arun who always motivates her to sing more. She was really curious about English pop singers and used to search their biography in Google. Lilly found out that pop singers like Justin are singing their own songs. She decided to write a song and sing it. She spent less time in studies and gave more attention to her skills. Her parents warned her, not to waste time writing songs.

After many days the school annual day has come. Arun knew that she is good at writing songs and asked her to sing it in the annual day. She was so scared at the first time, but as Arun forced her so much she decided to do it. At the annual day the stage called her to sing the song. She got upon the stage. The auditorium welcomed her with claps and hurrahs. As she started singing they went silent and so focused. When she finished the song, response of her friends gave next level confidents to her. These days were just her first year days. After many days of her first year secondary school life the first year final exam had come. Even when she focused more on song writing she wrote the exam well. But she only got 5 A+ where she got 8A+ in SSLC. I personally don’t think that’s a bad mark but her parents and almost all relatives did. They calculated it as her irresponsibility and inability. Harassments came from all sides in the form of rough advises and scolds. She felt like nobody in this world for understanding her. She had enough. One night she walked out of her house. Her parents found her missing and informed the police, and were never found. The world lost a pop singer.

This story is a lesson for all parents who are trying to make butter out of soil. It’s impossible. Let them fly high. Give them wings. Make them strong; stop forcing them to be what they can’t. The cricketer in Sachin Thendulkar was raised out by his mom. Thomas Alva Edison was expelled from the school and invented electric bulb just because his mother’s motivation. Don’t cut their wings. No one is going to regret in promoting their skills.


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